6 Cloud Based IDEs you ought to try !

During 90s the choice of development environments were very limited. UNIX environment developers used VIM or EMACS. Microsoft Windows users were narrowed down to NotePad or Eclipse.

Fast forward to 21st century and the internet is flooded with Web Based IDEs. Until a few years back, most of the IDEs were software packages which used to get installed in the OS. But with adevnt of Cloud Computing and Storage, IDEs also made a way into the cloud. Apart from code storage, many provide further services like compiling or interpreting tools, multilingual syntax validator, suggestive tools, version control and hosting. Interesting enough, most of them are also free, integrate with GitHub or BitBucket as well.Continue Reading

Create Basic Animation Using Kinetic Sprite

In this post I will show you how to create a basic animation with Kinetic Sprite.  For the newbies, KineticJS is a 2D canvas library. Canvas is an HTML5 element used to draw pictures.

Kinetic Sprite is one the easiest way to show animation on a webpage.  The KineticJS Library is an easy-to-go API to the cumbersome canvas library and has definitely simplified the tasks.

The detailed documentation of Kineticjs is definitely a good source to pick up things. In this tutorial, we are going to do little animation. It will comprise of a simple circle moving around a rectangle. Although this simple looking example can enable you to the vast capabilities of the library.Continue Reading