Sticky Headers- Challenges, Considerations and How to create one?


Among the many trends in web designing in recent times, you must have noticed that one very important one is having a header which does not disappear when you scroll down. Navigation is very important in a website (there are people who still believe in the three click rule) and a fixed header helps in the same.  UX experts have debated whether sticky headers at the top of the page, which are always visible to the user, are the thing to go with, but the end users usually prefer such headers.

What is a sticky header?

A fixed or sticky header is a horizontal menu which stays fixed at its place even when the user scrolls down. Therefore, if you need to access some item on the header, you don’t need to scroll right to the top as it’s visible to you at any position on the page.Continue Reading

Top Online Markdown Editors

Back in the 90s, people used Microsoft Word for writing. It provided a rich text interface with a wide variety of features. As the internet boomed and connectivity speeds soared, online versions took over, which were usually a part of office suites, although a large chunk of people still used offline software. Recently, however, the tides are changing a new format has developed.

Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax, developed almost a decade ago by John Gruber, and activist Aaron Swartz. It was designed to be converted quickly to rich text, or HTML. This essentially meant that markdown could be used as a bridge between traditional rich text and the modern HTML supported by the internet. Today, the markdown format is usually used to create “Readme” files, but is supported by a range of services, including WordPress. In this post, we take a look at a number of online markdown editors.Continue Reading

Thinking beyond JavaScript frameworks

A question on StackOverflow talked about how to add two numbers in JavaScript. The best answer talked about using jQuery to do that and another even mentioned using some jQuery plugin for basic arithmetic!

“Using jQuery to add two numbers- screenshot”Coutesy- DOXDESK

Although this question was a parody and a bit exaggerated, the point that it tries to make is quite clear- good old JavaScript is being forgotten as people try to go for the painless option! The situation is so bad (and overhyped) that people ask questions such as Do I need to know JavaScript in order to learn jQuery on public forums like Quora.Continue Reading

Optical Character Recognition in JavaScript

In a world of ever increasing JavaScript libraries, you start to wonder if there is any task left that can not be done by JavaScript. Right from making 3D games in the browser to creating apps for your smartphones or running terminal emulators on your browser, the numerous JavaScript libraries available today help you in doing anything that you can imagine. In this post, we are going to have a look at a number of JavaScript libraries that help you in optical character recognition.Continue Reading