How to Disable HyperLink using Jquery -3 Techniques

In this post I will discuss various approaches to disable a Hyperlink with Jquery.  More specifically, I will be covering 3 approaches


  1. Disable Links by utilizing preventDefault
  2. Disable Links by Removing the href attribute
  3. Disable Links by utilizing the click handler

Lets start


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How to Disable Dates in Jquery DatePicker – A Short Guide

Disable Weekends Jquery DatePicker

In my last post I talked about how you can disable past dates in Jquery datepicker. In this post I will discuss various methods for disabling dates in Jquery Datepicker.

More specifically I will be covering following cases


  • How to Disable Weekends
  • How to Disable Specific Dates
  • How to Disable Weekends + Specific dates
  • How to Disable Week Days Or Only Enable Weekends
  • How to Disable a particular day every week.


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How to disable past dates in Jquery Datepicker

In this post I will share a simple technique to disable past dates in Jquery DatePicker.

Use the following snippet and it will set today as the minimum selectable date. 


$("#datepicker").datepicker({ minDate:0});


The minDate parameter is used to set a minimum selectable date. Passing ‘0’ will tell datepicker to set minimum selectable date ‘0’ days from today.   In other words, it disable all past dates.

Similarly passing ‘5’ will set minimum date as 5 days from today.

Another point to note is that the calendar picks todays date from system’s settings. So users in different timezones might get different minimum selectable date.

Update: We have posted a more thorough guide on disabling dates in jQuery DatePicker.

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A list of Comment Syntax in Popular Programming Languages

Recently I had to look up how to write a comment in Python. Since I mostly develop in PHP, I had to turn to Google to find the exact syntax for commenting in Python.

At that time I got an idea that it would be cool to have a single resource which lists commenting Syntax for various Programming Languages. Thus this post was born :)

Enjoy :)



// This is a Comment in PHP




# This is a comment in Python

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Creating a Stitched Ribbon Banner with CSS3

Stitched Ribbon with CSS3 - No Images

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a Stitched Ribbon banner using CSS3 techniques.  We will achieve the banner effect without using any images.  Before CSS3 the only way to create a banner effect was to use images.

This is what we will be creating

Stitched Ribbon with CSS3 - No Images

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Create BreadCrumb Navigation with CSS3

CSS3-BreadCrumbs Final

In this post we will create a simple breadcrumb navigation using CSS3.  Earlier creation a breadcrumb navigation required the use of images but with advances in CSS it is now possible to achieve the same effect without using any images at all.

Here is what we will be creating in this tutorial.

CSS3-BreadCrumbs Final

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