Basic Version is now Live

They say a journey of thousand miles begins with a first Step. Today we took a small but significant step and launched a basic version of SpiceForms.

It took us good 4 months of hard work to release the Alpha Version. It is still a work in progress and there are quite a lot of features and enhancements in the pipeline.

If you are interested in trying it out then you can Signup Here. Take note that it is currently free to use and all early users will get a highly discounted price at the time of Launch.

We have also launched a dedicated Product Blog. The idea behind it is to our keep our users informed about the latest features and development related to SpiceForms.

So if you are interested in SpcieForms then watch this space. :)

About Ankit

Founder of Spice Forms.
Spice Form is a Drag n Drop tool to create powerful web forms in minutes.

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