7 Image Editing Tools That Serve As Photoshop Alternatives

“This picture has been photoshopped”, is a very common phrase that we encounter when we see an image which we really don’t expect to. But, is “photoshopped” really the right word? Actually the correct term is “graphically modified” which is performed using image editing softwares and Photoshop, although the most popular, is just one among many.

Photoshop is an image editing software created and maintained by Adobe, but with such massive popularity, ease to use and mild learning curve, the verb “photshop” has taken over (much like verbs like “google” and “tweet”). However, when it comes to price, it seems that Photoshop is not that cheap. It ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 20000 according to the suite you need. But the good news is that Photoshop isn’t the only tool.

So today we are going to list some amazing unheard tools which are almost at par with Photoshop when compared to features and they can help you do your image editing tasks without paying such a high price.Continue Reading

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Last time we wrote about HTML to PDF conversion tools and this time we came up with another list comprising of best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers.

Web Developer Checklist

web developer checklist

This tool has been made by webdevchecklist.com and it provides you a variety of characteristics of a webpage. This is necessary while testing a website. Starting with the Best Practices domain, it covers check points like broken link check, www subdomain check and spell and grammer check. It shows the page rank by Google Page Speed checking tool and lists it under Performance domain. It checks for code quality and syntax which tells you about the experience of the developer who made the website. It checks for other characteristics which determine the Alexa Rank too, namely SEO, UpTime, Monitoring, Mobile Browsing Capabilities, Custom 404 page, Friendly URLs and Social Media Buttons. Using this tool, you can precisely determine the accessbility and popularity of the page.

Responsive Web Design Tester

responsive web design tester

This is a life saving tool for the senior web developers or program managers to instantly test output in variety of screen sizes. It does not rate a page or determine scores but just shows how they look like on different screens.Continue Reading

Top 10 tools to convert HTML to PDF

PDF (Portable Document Formal) is a useful document format, and as the name portable. Once a document is converted to the PDF format, its formatting remains the same when viewed across a range of devices, irrespective of the platform. Due to its usability, there is often a need to convert documents from various formats to PDF. Webpages, which are basically HTML documents, belong to the same category.

Thus, we present 10 HTML to PDF converters with range of functionalites associated with each one.Continue Reading

A list of Comment Syntax in Popular Programming Languages

Recently I had to look up how to write a comment in Python. Since I mostly develop in PHP, I had to turn to Google to find the exact syntax for commenting in Python.

At that time I got an idea that it would be cool to have a single resource which lists commenting Syntax for various Programming Languages. Thus this post was born :)

Enjoy :)



// This is a Comment in PHP




# This is a comment in Python

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