An Overview of the Features in First Release

Building Forms is boring and tedious. With SpiceForms our aim is to take the hassle out of building web forms.

We really want to make our users life simple and make sure that they spend less time in creating the web-forms and more time in running the business / drinking coffee / playing with their dog.

Even though it is a First release , it lets you build good looking and feature rich web forms. In this Post I will talk about the features supported in this release.

Here is the List of features currently supported :

  • Multiple Field Types
  • Conditional Rules
  • Notification and AutoResponder
  • Custom Thank You Messages
  • Conditional Thank You Messages
  • Form Style Customization
  • Submission Manager
  • Embed Forms in a Web Page

Lets look at the feature in detail

Multiple Field Types:

The First version has support 10 Field Types.

One can easily Click and Drop the field on the Form Designer. Each field comes with a set of configurable options with lets you customize the field properties. One can configure various properties like: Mark Field as Required, Set a default Placeholder text. Set Field width etc.

I will talk about the supported options in details in the future posts.

Here is the list of fields supported

  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • Text : This is for creating text labels
  • Drop Down Field
  • CheckBoxes
  • Radio Button
  • Section Break
  • Email Field
  • Date Field
  • Number Field

We are currently working on additional field types. Mainly our focus is on adding Field Upload field,  Survey Related fields and Payment Gateway Integrations.

Conditional Rules:

As the name suggest the Rules feature allows you to create Smart and Dynamic Forms.With Rules one can easily hide / display form fields based on User Input.

Here are a few examples of what can be achieved with Conditional Rules:

  • Display List of States Based on Country Selection
  • Display different Room Size based of number of Guests
  • Display different options based on Gender / Age Selection etc

Notifications & AutoResponders

It lets a user receive an Email Notification once someone fills the form. The notification Message is customizable and one can also receive the complete form submission data via the notification Email. It is also possible to set a custom Reply-to Address.

Autoresponder: Autoresponder is like notification for the person filling the Form. So for example if you want to send a “Thank you for Contacting us” notification , then you can do so easily with the Autoresponder Feature

Custom Thank you Message

With this feature you can create a custom Thank you Message to display after the form submission.

Rule Based Thank You Message:

This is an advanced feature and lets you display a custom Thank you message based on user input. One can also redirect user to a custom url based on conditions.

Form Style Customization:

The Form Styling feature lets you customize the Form styling. Currently It is possible to Customize the

  • Form Background Color
  • Font Size
  • Font Color
  • Button Text Size
  • Button Color

In future we plan to provide support for additional options like font selection, Custom CSS, BackGround Images etc

Submission Manager

You can View  Edit  and Delete the Form Entries via the Submission Manager. We plan to create a Search feature for the Submission Manager in the future.

Form Embedding and Publishing:

It very simple to embed a SpiceForm on any Website

Simply go to Publish Tab and Copy-Paste the code in your webpage.

The form will appear as if they are part of your website. For example have a look at the SpiceForms Contact form here and here. The form looks seamless.

Another good thing about embedding the forms is that the users stay on your website.


This is just the start and we have lots more in the pipeline.  Here is a list of feature which we plan to develop. Pls take note that they are not listed in the order of priority.

  • File Upload
  • More Design Customization Setting
  • Custom CSS
  • Integration with various Payment Gateways
  • Integration with Third Party Apps
  • Multi-Part Forms
  • Form Calculations and many more


This is the first release and we are quite pleased with the result.  Its a good start and it will let our users create beautiful and functional web forms with ease.

In my upcoming blog posts I will be talking about each feature in detail.

Till then.. Happy Form Building


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