How to Use HTML5 Geolocation API – A Detailed Tutorial

Disply User LOcation on a Map using Geolocation API

Today, we will create web pages that are location aware.  We will utilize the Geolocation API to fetch the user Coordinates. To make things even better we will capture the user location and then display it on Google Maps.    Before we begin, lets talk a bit about the Geolcation API.   What is Geolocation API? The […]

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How to Highlight Particular Dates in JQuery UI Datepicker

Highlighting particular dates

In this post I will cover how to highlight specific dates in Jquery UI Datepicker. It pretty simple actually, we will add a custom CSS class to particular dates and then style those particular dates. Here are steps which we will be following to highlight particular dates in datepicker: We use array to hold the […]

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Create Dynamic Time User Graph using Google Charts – A Practical Tutorial

Chart Error

In my last post, we have studied the basics of Google Chart. Google Charts helps us display the dry-data in a very beautiful visualization. If you look around the web, you’ll find that there is a lot of buzz about Google charts but there are not many tutorials which demonstrate how to  use Google Charts. […]

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7 Image Editing Tools That Serve As Photoshop Alternatives

“This picture has been photoshopped”, is a very common phrase that we encounter when we see an image which we really don’t expect to. But, is “photoshopped” really the right word? Actually the correct term is “graphically modified” which is performed using image editing softwares and Photoshop, although the most popular, is just one among […]

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How to Create A Sticky Footer With CSS

Create a fixed footer with CSS

A sticky footer is a great way to encourage people to subscribe to your website’s newsletter, get more eyes on your advertisements or post short and important updates for your visitors. The difference between a sticky header and a sticky footer is that the footer doesn’t take up “prime real estate” on your blog’s page […]

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How to Disable HyperLink using Jquery -3 Techniques

In this post I will discuss various approaches to disable a Hyperlink with Jquery.  More specifically, I will be covering 3 approaches   Disable Links by utilizing preventDefault Disable Links by Removing the href attribute Disable Links by utilizing the click handler Lets start  

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How to crop an image using PHP and JQuery

Crop Image

Introduction The most common requirement over the modern web applications is upload image, crop as required or resize it, whether for profile picture use or any other use in photo galleries (small and bigger image) or as thumbnails. This post is going to be very interesting for the beginners who haven’t played with images for […]

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Must Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Last time we wrote about HTML to PDF conversion tools and this time we came up with another list comprising of best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers. Web Developer Checklist This tool has been made by and it provides you a variety of characteristics of a webpage. This is necessary while testing a website. Starting with the Best […]

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How to Disable Dates in Jquery DatePicker – A Short Guide

Disable Weekends Jquery DatePicker

In my last post I talked about how you can disable past dates in Jquery datepicker. In this post I will discuss various methods for disabling dates in Jquery Datepicker. More specifically I will be covering following cases   How to Disable Weekends How to Disable Specific Dates How to Disable Weekends + Specific dates […]

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A Look at Google Charts Library

bubble chart

Introduction Today, we will experience another great application of Google i.e. Google Charts. Before we go into deep, lets find out what exactly charts are? I am not going to make things complex here, since Wikipedia has already provided us a neat and clean definition of Charts. From Wikipedia A chart is a graphical representation […]

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