Top 10 tools to convert HTML to PDF

PDF (Portable Document Formal) is a useful document format, and as the name portable. Once a document is converted to the PDF format, its formatting remains the same when viewed across a range of devices, irrespective of the platform. Due to its usability, there is often a need to convert documents from various formats to […]

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How to disable past dates in Jquery Datepicker

In this post I will share a simple technique to disable past dates in Jquery DatePicker. Use the following snippet and it will set today as the minimum selectable date.    $(“#datepicker”).datepicker({ minDate:0});   The minDate parameter is used to set a minimum selectable date. Passing ‘0’ will tell datepicker to set minimum selectable date […]

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Creating animated loaders with CSS3 Animation


Introduction Loaders and Spinners play an important role in the modern dynamic websites. Though they look simple but they play a very important role in simplifying the overall User Experience. There are a lot of ways to create animated loaders, however in this post I will be using the power of CSS3 to create 3 different […]

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Adobe Brackets 1.0, an open source text editor for Web Designers

Multi Cursors

Introduction Adobe has just launched version 1.0 of Brackets, its free open-source text editor that is built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, for writing coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Brackets started as an open-source project over three years ago, and developers who want to customize the text editor to fit their motives can pull […]

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Create Your Own Mobile Responsive Masonry (Pinterest Style) Content Grid

Traditional Grid - Create Your Own Mobile Responsive Masonry (Pinterest Style) Content Grid

With Pinterest coming out of the woodwork and taking social media by storm in the recent months, it’s apparent that a lot of it’s popularity is down to it’s aesthetically pleasing layout. Pinterest’s “grid view” style for displaying pins is what the design world refers to as a Masonry Grid. Masonry Grids are different from […]

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Less Vs Sass? Who is the winner?

Now a days, you will find many CSS Frameworks available like Less, Sass, Emastic,, BluePrint etc. Each stylesheet language is good in the right context, and they have a lot of common features such as: Nesting capabilities Mixins and parametric mixins Namespaces Color functions JavaScript evaluations

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Frontend Development with SASS and Compass: Introduction


Introduction SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is a CSS preprocessor which gives you an opportunity to do amazing things with your stylesheets. Interesting huh!? What is Sass? The Sass website define Sass as: Sass is a meta-language on top of CSS that’s used to describe the style of a document cleanly and structurally, with more power […]

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How to create a random art using Canvas HTML5

Canvas Art

Introduction Canvas is one of the most interesting additions to web pages by HTML5. In some ways, a canvas is like an <img> element. You can add a canvas like this: <canvas id=”art-board” width=”920px” height=”320px”> </canvas> And the browser allocates some space in the page for the canvas, with the width and height you have […]

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A list of Comment Syntax in Popular Programming Languages

Recently I had to look up how to write a comment in Python. Since I mostly develop in PHP, I had to turn to Google to find the exact syntax for commenting in Python. At that time I got an idea that it would be cool to have a single resource which lists commenting Syntax […]

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Manipulating dates in JavaScript – a Moment.js Tutorial

Displaying date and time in JavaScript has never been an issue but manipulating them has never been an easy task. Earlier, programmers manually made date/time realted calculations but with time, analytics became important, with demand for more complex calculations. To match up those modern requirements, we have Moment.js.

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