How to Import CSV to MySQL database with PHP

CSV files, commonly known as Excel (.xls) files, are used as spread sheets to store information in a tabular manner. Modern CSV handlers are capable of most of the functions — like calculating sum, average, median to making graphs, charts and tables. But, at times we may need to store the data in SQL format […]

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Create Animated Loaders and Spinners with CSS3

circular loader 1

Loaders and spinners are a common sight in webpages, popping up whenever the server loads a page. For long, animated gifs have served the purpose. However, a plethora of custom made, editable CSS spinners are now available. This tutorial will walk you through the creation of basic animated loaders and how to apply elementary mathematics […]

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Create a CSS3 Clock using no JavaScript

CSS3 has shown a true test of mettle in the field of power and speed. One can produce a pixel perfect webpage with CSS3 that will load faster, has a small overall file size and fewer HTTP requests. CSS3 animation module provides an elegant solution to basic animation needs of webpages without requiring to trespass […]

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Create Parallax Scrolling using jQuery

Parallax scrolling is a relatively new trend in web design. With this effect, you can create an illusion of depth on your webpage. Parallax works by making the background of the webpage scroll at a slower speed that the foreground, thus giving the scene a perceived depth. This is similar to the idea that when […]

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Using Highcharts to make charts

High Charts-js

Charts are used to represent mass data with the help of visual aids. Initially, they were created manually, using calculators to do the math. Then came softwares like MS Excel and charts became an inseparable part of Powerpoint presentations during 1990s. In this decade, with the internet boom, browsers have taken over everything. The strengthening […]

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Create a Responsive Portfolio using Twitter Bootstrap

Responsive Portfolio with Twitter BootStrap

Bootstrap is a frontend framework developed by Twitter for design purposes. Apart from being responsive, it has got different components ranging from grid systems to icons set and hence surely lead the all the other frameworks. Bootstrap is open source and is the most popular repository on GitHub. Today we will make a responsive portfolio using Bootstrap while […]

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Sticky Headers- Challenges, Considerations and How to create one?


Among the many trends in web designing in recent times, you must have noticed that one very important one is having a header which does not disappear when you scroll down. Navigation is very important in a website (there are people who still believe in the three click rule) and a fixed header helps in […]

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Create a Flipcard using CSS3

Card Flip Tutorial - Featured Image - Red

With the introduction of CSS3, one little thing that you could do very well with just a few lines of code was animations. As you might have observed, there are various animations on new websites that have been created with the latest technologies of HTML5 and CSS3. Most of these animations are used to bring […]

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Creating a Stitched Ribbon Banner with CSS3

Stitched Ribbon with CSS3 - No Images

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a Stitched Ribbon banner using CSS3 techniques.  We will achieve the banner effect without using any images.  Before CSS3 the only way to create a banner effect was to use images. This is what we will be creating

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Create Social Buttons using CSS3 and Icon set

Social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others play an important role in marketing and publicity. Providing a social widget simplifies the task for the users visiting the page to share, like or rate your content, therefore helping in publicizing the same. You have the option of using either standard social widgets or create […]

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