Using Highcharts to make charts

High Charts-js

Charts are used to represent mass data with the help of visual aids. Initially, they were created manually, using calculators to do the math. Then came softwares like MS Excel and charts became an inseparable part of Powerpoint presentations during 1990s.

In this decade, with the internet boom, browsers have taken over everything. The strengthening CSS3 boosted the math-loving-techies to develop libraries for charts so that one need not switch to heavy software by automating the system of creation of charts using dynamic data from database and visualize it on the browser. The biggest advantage of this was to bring down the requirements to a bare minimum- one just needed a computer connected to the internet and a web browser to view your creations.

Long story short, we have tons of libraries now. Some very advanced libraries like D3.js and some very simple libraries like Chart.js. However, Highcharts is a combination of both. It is extremely easy to use, thanks to the documentation and fulfills modern requirements.Continue Reading