7 Image Editing Tools That Serve As Photoshop Alternatives

“This picture has been photoshopped”, is a very common phrase that we encounter when we see an image which we really don’t expect to. But, is “photoshopped” really the right word? Actually the correct term is “graphically modified” which is performed using image editing softwares and Photoshop, although the most popular, is just one among many.

Photoshop is an image editing software created and maintained by Adobe, but with such massive popularity, ease to use and mild learning curve, the verb “photshop” has taken over (much like verbs like “google” and “tweet”). However, when it comes to price, it seems that Photoshop is not that cheap. It ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 20000 according to the suite you need. But the good news is that Photoshop isn’t the only tool.

So today we are going to list some amazing unheard tools which are almost at par with Photoshop when compared to features and they can help you do your image editing tasks without paying such a high price.Continue Reading