Top 10 tools to convert HTML to PDF

PDF (Portable Document Formal) is a useful document format, and as the name portable. Once a document is converted to the PDF format, its formatting remains the same when viewed across a range of devices, irrespective of the platform. Due to its usability, there is often a need to convert documents from various formats to PDF. Webpages, which are basically HTML documents, belong to the same category.

Thus, we present 10 HTML to PDF converters with range of functionalites associated with each one.

Convert HTML to PDF Online


This website is most used for PDF conversions of webpages. It provides multiple input methods — namely URL, File Upload and directly typing in into its WYSIWYG editors. It has a browser add-on which means you can PDF-fy any page you are viewing. It also provides an API so that you can convert any URL into PDF on your server using your favorite server-side language.



Although this website only deals with URLs, but it has few exceptional features. It allows to decide the page size having options like A4 and Letter, portrait and landscape mode, and with options for running JavaScript and loading images. It definitely has more features but works for URLs only.



This website is no different but has other features like Scaling, Rotating, Repairing and Compressing the PDFs apart from conversion task. So this means that you can fit in multiple pages in one page by scaling the page size down.



This one has a unique feature, i.e., it allows to convert a page to PDF through email. Yes, simply send an email to with subject as Convert and the URL in the body of the email and you will receive the PDF version soon. Best part is that the PDF remains saved in the email and you don’t lose them.



While you are online, you can use the cloud based version but if there is no internet (which is common in developing countries), you can use the downloadble version too. The downloadble version would help the privacy centric users. You can easily convert your sensitive documents into PDF without uploading them to an unknown remote server.


Whoa! In addition to other common features, this one provides an SDK as well. It’s PHP SDK supports CSS2 and CSS3. This means that it is capable of converting all new CSS3 overloaded websites with stunning graphics and color variants spread across its page. Apart from that it has API too if you don’t want the conversion on your server. And of course, the upload and convert version exists as well.



If you are looking for a corporate plan, this one is a winner. It has a fremium model. Apart from conversion, it does encryption, water-marking, adding headers and footers to the page. It gives you the downloadble link of the PDF which you can download or share with anyone. It also has an API.



This converter has the option of OCR. This means if the language of the webpage is not known, it can recognize it and hence identify the right encoding to be used in the PDF. This means it doesn’t save the page as image. This helps you search a piece of text in the PDF as well. Checkout the other converters from this website as well which include DOC , DOCx, PPT, PPTX and FLASH.



CoolUtils provides a customizable converter where not only the header and footer can be specified but also the type of the output file. This means that you can convert to PDF, EXCEL, PPT, DOCX all at the same time without any hassle. While the DOCX version can be used for editing, the PDF version can be used to read on laptops or tablets. This website can also convert the pages into JPG and PNG. This means you can make memes out of the images by manipulating them in a graphic editing software. They also have tons of other converters. Some the formats age too old and hence might be useless to work on, but converting those formats to PDF will be helpful.



This converter promises a lot of features like graphic quality retention, table structure, font recognition and multi-column pages. So it means, this website is good for making magazines from the HTML versions. It can also help you save newspaper cuts which you struggle to do because of default copy-paste provided by browsers as they are optimized for single column.

I think there can be few more in this list but as of now these are enough when compared to the number of features. Each one has some unique features and it would be wrong to declare a winner. We will update the list if someone beats these with new features.


  1. SelectPdf offers an online html to pdf converter that can be used to convert either full web pages or html code:

    The converter supports HTML5/CSS3 and offers a lot of customization options.

  2. There are various tools that are used for the conversion process. Some of the common tools that I prefer are-
    1. HTML to PDF Converter- A free online converter that will take any URL of a web page that is live on the web and convert it to a PDF file that is downloaded to your computer.
    2. PDFonFly- A free online converter that will take any URL of a web page that is live on the web and convert it to a PDF file. You can also enter text into their WYSIWYG text field and it will turn that into a PDF file as well.
    3. PDFCrowd- This is a free online converter that will take a URL, an HTML file, or direct HTML input and convert it to a PDF file that is downloaded to your computer. It adds a footer to each page with a logo and advertisement.


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