Adobe Brackets 1.0, an open source text editor for Web Designers


Adobe has just launched version 1.0 of Brackets, its free open-source text editor that is built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, for writing coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Brackets started as an open-source project over three years ago, and developers who want to customize the text editor to fit their motives can pull the source code from the app’s Github project page and alter it as they wish, and add their changes for others to use.

Currently, Brackets 1.0, as well as a preview of Extract for Brackets (an extension that Adobe itself has been working on) are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Brackets is targeting mainly at Web developers (front-end) and designers. They are offering interesting features like inline editors (select and press ctrl + E / push command) will show inline window to update particular code without pop-ups or additional tabs, Live Preview to see instantly changes on screen and view CSS selector for quick edits and built in support for preprocessors.

What’s new in Adobe Brackets 1.0?

They are building fresh features and enhancing the existing one for better user experience. Download Brackets, and  explore the excellent stuff.

  • Multiple Cursors:

    It is one of the most useful feature in Adobe Brackets. You can rewrite several parts of code at one like rename several variables or add the same text in multiple locations.

    Multi CursorsFigure 1: Multiple Cursors

  • Split View

    You can split the editor in two columns or two rows. You can watch and write HTML and CSS code in parallel.

    splitFigure 2: Split View

  • Theme Support

    You can change the theme of Adobe Bracelet v1.0. Set font size and font-family as per user choice.

    themesFigure 3: Theme Support

  • Extract (preview) for Brackets

    An extension that speeds up the process of pulling design information from a PSD – such as colors, fonts, gradients, images and then turning it into clean, minimal CSS.

    previewFigure 4: Using Extract for Brackets (Preview)

    previewFigure 5: Using Extract for Brackets (Preview)

  • Custom key binding so that user can change the shortcut key combinations that Brackets uses.
  • JavaScript hinting more accurate by matching by case when filtering

Some interesting extensions so far

Developers or designers can also download and apply extensions to add functionality to assist their workflow, such as JSHint support and Git integration.

ExtensionsFigure 6: Extensions

  • Themes for brackets: A theme-pack that styles the whole editor.
  • Code Folding: Brace folding, tag folding, indent folding and multi-line comment folding
  • Beautify: Indent code and remove white-spaces in HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Brackets Git: Integrate Git for Brackets.
  • JSHint: JSHint support for brackets

Adobe Bracelets V1.0 Start up

Adobe Bracelets design looks clean and elegant, the font and color looks simple and easy to use. They have used every small space in such a way, so that designer or developer can focus more on the code rather than unnecessary tabs and links.

Start upFigure 7: Adobe Bracelets Start up

aboutFigure 8: Adobe Bracelet About

What they are planning after V1.0?

They have mentioned in their blog that, they are treating this release like any other release, and they will continue to release often and will be doing the next Brackets release in 3-4 weeks. Since Adobe developers has a lot of expertise in designing field, so they have open mind for coding tool that supports design in much better ways.

Few things which they have mentioned on blog are:

  • Amending preprocessor support,
  • Building SVG editing more powerful, and
  • Bringing more visual inline editors.

Great Success

After places Brackets up on GitHub, 3 years ago they have received an amazing response from the community. There are around 245 developers who have contributed to the codebase  and right now, Brackets is at 16th most starred project on GitHub with over 19,000 stars. There are currently 400+ extensions and 75 themes available for Bracket.  These are very impressive numbers and clearly shows that Bracket is here to stay :-)


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  1. Thank you a lot for pointing that Extract needs cloud connection. I didn’t know if I should download the new version with or without that tool, but this argument made my decision.

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